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A Letter, by award-winning author of 21 books, Elizabeth Cooke

This book, A LETTER, is a testament to the value of a handwritten letter that expresses an emotional and specific tie to the recipient. In this digital world, it is impossible to keep and cherish such expressions. It is only the written page that one can hold in one’s hand years later and feel the magic of that moment. An old LETTER can be like a flame that still flickers.


The Paris Book Festival Honors Paris Loves Mimi:


  • Paris Loves Mimi – Elizabeth Cooke

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NEW! MIMI – “L’Etoile de Paris | Book Three of The Cozy Mystery Series NOW AVAILABLE.

Mimi was at the peak of her celebrity, but at times, she found it exhausting and wished for her old, simpler life. She was much envied, even desired, by an evil woman who wished to have her for her very own. Mimi was endangered by this person.

Kidnapped, and kept in a form of gilded cage, fed cheese puffs with a drug in their batter, Mimi survived by using her very powerful olfactory gifts and managed an elegant escape.

Mimi returned to her world of fame and admiration and was lauded as the great nasal sleuth of Tout Paris, a true star in the skies over the City of Light.

Mimi. “L’Etoile!” Another cozy mystery to enjoy.


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NEW! MIMI’S Paris Dilemma | Book Two of The Cozy Mystery Series

Mimi’s Paris dilemma overwhelms her. She feels desolate, unappreciated, her celebrity status lost. The Parisiennes, the women of Paris, have turned against her. They are sympathique to the fate of a woman incarcerated for murder and reject Mimi, who was instrumental in bringing about that fate.

In this, Book Two of The Mimi Series, new crimes are committed. Mimi again is instrumental in helping solve them because of her sensitive petit nez, which pursues nasal clues where no human can follow.

Where few are aware of how truly skillful the little dog is, they slowly come to realize her value, and Mimi’s reputation is gradually restored to its full power.


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NEW! MIMI TAKES PARIS by Elizabeth CookeMIMI TAKES PARIS | Book One of The Cozy Mystery Series

By Mimi / Translated by Elizabeth Cooke

The first book in The Mimi Series, titled “Mimi Takes Paris” by Mimi, translated by Elizabeth Cooke, is the start of the adventures of a small black poodle, escapee from a cruel puppy mill, who is rescued by Nicole Marcel, a pretty girl singer in the City of Paris. The two become inseparable.

The little dog has an animal intelligence and a tremendous sense of smell, and proceeds to solve a murder, and other crimes by nasal prowess. Mimi gains celebrity status, as does her PERSON, Nicole.

It is a Cozy Mystery like no other!

In book two, titled “Mimi’s Paris Dilemma,” Mimi’s reputation, (and that of Nicole’s), is sullied by an unfair assessment by the public. The little dog slowly regains status by solving other crimes.

Book three, titled “Mimi, L’Etoile de Paris, Mimi, Star of Paris,” continues with her dog sleuthing. She becomes famous once more, is anchor of her own TV show (with Nicole), and has her own clothing line and ‘Mimi’ perfume (for dogs).

Mimi is once again the toast of Paris.

These three books are only the beginning of a series of Cozy Mysteries where the leading detective is Mimi, a canine on four legs, with a formidable sensitivity to scent.


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