“Mimi and her Person, the fellows, good and bad, the villainess are wonderful characters and the suspense holds till its nerve wracking red glove climax. I couldn’t put the book down and can’t wait for the next installment; that TV interviewer will make a splendid new villain! Since I can’t travel anymore your Paris books are like flying carpets, taking me to that city of light that means so much to both of us.”
Mary Ellin Berlin Barrett

“A delightful tale of Scents and Scents-ibility starring Mimi, a small poodle sleuth and her “PERSON,” Nicole. As in Cooke’s beautifully written Hotel Marcel series, the sights and smells of the author’s beloved Paris are compellingly explored. This time with the added bonus of a built-in French lesson! Looking forward to book 2 in the Mimi series!”
C. Wasserman


‘ “Abbi’s Forever Home” is a lovely story and thank you for sharing it with the world.’
Cal Morgan – President & CEO, The Atlanta Humane Society

‘What brilliant creativity, putting the voice to the canine protagonist. Winner, winner!’
Tim Rappleye – Journalist

‘So honest and heartfelt and funny as hell.’
Claudia Wasserman – Author

‘We received your copies of “Abbi’s Forever Home” and were so touched by her story. We are huge advocates of senior dog adoption and your story really resonated with us. We would like to have a tree planted to Abbi’s honor.’
Emily Moore – Marketing Coordinator, PetPlan

‘We would love to distribute the book to those that adopt senior pets. I think it’s a lovely idea and promotion.’
Leslie Granger – President & CEO, Bideawee Home, NYC

‘Aw…I love this. I am sharing it with friends and family and will also place my order for a copy of the book today.’
Andi Steloff – Salon Director, Sally Hershberger Los angeles

‘This is the response I just received from my cousin:
“That is a beautiful story. I will order a few – one for my
mom and the girls and myself – and I’ll share it with others.”
We’ll keep spreading the word and will buy one to keep here at the salon too!’
Andi Steloff – Salon Director, Sally Hershberger Los Angeles

‘I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful gift of this book and I look forward to sharing with you photos of some senior dogs and their new forever families along with copies of “Abbi’s Forever Home.” ’
Leslie Granger – President & CEO, Bideawee Home, NYC